How to Download Vimeo Videos

Last Updated: February 15, 2022

Vimeo offers the best collection of professionally produced videos, movie clips, and animations for many people. Some of the videos are either so entertaining, informative, or both that they are worth keeping in your local storage for future purposes.

You either want to watch them again or share them with people offline. That is why many people choose to download Vimeo videos to their local device storage.

There are two ways you can download on Vimeo:

  • Through the download button
  • With Third-party platforms like YeetDL

Vimeo allows users to download and watch videos on their computers for free. Some of the videos have a download option. You simply have to select the video and hit the download button below the video. Once you hit download, the interface offers you a list of available formats.

Unfortunately, you cannot use this method to download some of your favorite videos due to the restrictions put in place by Vimeo.

First, the uploader must enable download in the setting to allow others to download their videos. Secondly, this feature is only available for uploaders with a business, plus, or pro account.

This is where YeetDL comes to the rescue.

YeetDL is a free video downloader that allows you to download videos from popular video-sharing platforms like Vimeo.

With YeetDL, you can download all your favorite videos on Vimeo and share them with your other devices and other people. You can use its simple interface to download unlimited videos in any format (audio or video) and resolution (up to 8k!). Here is how:

How To Download Videos From Vimeo With YeetDL

Step 1: Download and Install YeetDL

The first step is to download YeetDL on your computer. To do that, simply click the download button to initiate the download. Hit the ' start download button' if the download does not begin automatically. The downloads typically take less than a minute to complete.

YeetDL is currently available on Windows
Set a reminder to download it later!

Click on the installation file and follow the simple instructions to install YeetDL on your computer. There are no annoying ads for other programs.

Step 2: Copy the Vimeo Video Link

Click on the video you want to download and copy the link from the address bar in your browser. You can also get the link by clicking the share button and selecting ‘copy link’ from the menu. YeetDL automatically detects the link as a Vimeo video and processes the download.

Step 2: Copy Facebook Video URL

Step 3: Download the Video Format and Quality You Want

After processing the link, YeetDL will offer you a variety of video resolutions and formats to choose from. You can choose to download the video as WebM, MP4, MP3, AAC, and many other formats.

Select your preferred format and quality and hit the download or convert button. The video will start downloading automatically.

Step 3: Select Format and Download

Step 4: Enjoy Your Videos!

The downloaded video (or audio) will be saved on your local device storage. You can choose to play it from the YeetDL interface or any other player of your choice. You can also share it with other devices or other social sharing platforms.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Read through our FAQ section to find answers to questions you might have regarding downloading Vimeo videos with YeetDL.

What kinds of videos can I download from Vimeo?

You can download any public video from Vimeo with YeetDL. These include tutorials and entertainment clips. However, you cannot download a private video as only the uploader has access to it.

How do I download videos from Vimeo to my mobile device?

YeetDL currently works for Windows PC only. However, it will be available for other platforms soon. In the meantime, you can download Vimeo videos with YeetDL on your computer and transfer the video to your mobile devices. You can use a USB connection, Bluetooth, or cloud storage to transfer the downloaded video to your mobile device.

Do videos download automatically?

No. This is because YeetDL gives you the option to download videos in video and audio formats. You can also select your desired quality. After making your preferences, hit the download button, and the download will begin.

Can I download music, audio, or MP3 from Vimeo with YeetDL?

You can download audio or MP3 by following the steps to download a video using YeetDL. After the video has been processed, choose the ‘convert’ option and select your preferred audio format and quality.

Do I need a paid monthly plan to download videos from Vimeo?

You don’t need a paid subscription to download videos from YeetDL. However, there is a restriction to the number of videos you can download daily on the free plan.

Get one of the premium plans for unlimited video downloading and access to all our features. You can get lifetime access to YeetDL for a single device or multiple devices.

Can I share a video from Vimeo to TikTok?

No. Vimeo only allows you to create video ads to share on TikTok. If you want to share the full video, you have to download it to your local storage and upload it to TikTok. YeetDL can help you download videos from both Vimeo and TikTok.

Is there any download limit on YeetDL?

Premium users can download as many videos as they want from platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more!

Can I download a Livestream with YeetDL?

Yes, but not immediately. You have to wait for the livestream to end. When it does, copy the video link and download it with YeetDL.

Can I download my deleted videos on Vimeo with YeetDL?

No. You can only download videos that are available to watch. If you can watch it, YeetDL can download it.

Can I use YeetDL on Linux or MAC?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, our engineers are working round the clock to ensure Linux and MAC users can install YeetDL on their computers and enjoy fast unlimited downloads.

Are there limits on video resolution?

No. YeetDL allows users to download videos in any resolution. You can download videos in 2k or even 4k. The only limit comes from the uploader and Vimeo. Suppose the uploader made the video available in 2k, and the platform supports it. In that case, you can download it in 2k.

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YeetDL is currently available on Windows
Set a reminder to download it later!