Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.


The existing file is being used by Windows and cannot be modified. In case you are installing the new version of YeetDL in the same location as the previous one, make sure to close any instances of YeetDL that are running before installing a new version which, in normal cases, our installer will do automatically. In case the issue persists, uninstall the older version of YeetDL by using 'Add or Remove Programs' in the Windows Control Panel and the install the latest version.
First of all, please note that Microsoft does not support Windows 7 since January 14, 2020. You can still keep using it, but you will no longer receive updates and security improvements. Use it at your own risk.

Still, if you would like to keep using Windows 7 and you're getting an error when installing YeetDL, you will need to manually install Windows 7 KB3125574 Update. Make sure to choose the x64-based Systems version if you have a 64-bit installation of Windows 7. After you install it, simply run YeetDL installer again and the installation should finish without any issues.
In order to uninstall YeetDL simply go to 'Add or Remove Programs' in Windows Control Panel.
Yes! 100% Virus-Free! You can click here to check the latest Virus Scan by Virus Total, which tests our product against over 70 Antivirus.

Downloading Videos

There can be multiple causes for this. First, make sure you are using the latest version of YeetDL by opening the program and going to 'Version' > 'Check for updates'.
YeetDL's connection can be blocked by your antivirus or firewall. Make sure to add YeetDL to your firewall's list of allowed programs. If the issue persists, try switching your Antivirus and/or Firewall off and try using YeetDL again.
As a final solution you can uninstall YeetDL. Run a registry cleaner program and reinstall YeetDL.
This is very unlikely to be a problem with YeetDL. If you encounter sound issues with downloaded videos, please update your media player codecs.

Converting and Playing videos

If you are receiving an error message related with video conversion, you may be missing a codec or have conflicting codecs on your computer. This is likely if you are using older version of Windows. You will need to identify what codec is missing or corrupt and fix it. Just Google 'Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack' and you should be able to find some results. However we do not recommend, we do not endorse and we are not responsible for a particular codec pack.
After you paste a YouTube URL, just select one of the audio formats available in the Download dropdown menu, and the video will only contain the audio.
It is possible that your computer does not recognize the format of the output file. For best playback results we recommend you to install GOM Player as it will install all codecs required. In case you are using Windows Media Player, you need to install or upgrade your audio and video codecs with a product such as the Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack.
YeetDL is proud to be one of the only YouTube downloaders that supports Closed Captions downloading. Simply paste a YouTube URL (or search) and, if Closed Captions are available, there will be an icon below the Play button which will allow you to select which Closed Caption language you'd to like to download with your video.
Additionally, if you are a Premium User, you can choose to have the subtitles embedded in the downloaded video!


Simply run the program and go to 'Help -> About...'. There you will see the version you are currently using.
In the main interface, simply click 'My Video' or 'My Music' in the bottom right-hand corner and the default folder will open, containing all downloaded media (unless you have downloaded them to a custom location).
For now, since we have just launched our product, YeetDL is only available in English. We intend to introduce more language is the very near future, so by the time you're reading this it is possible that we have added more languages! Stay tuned!

Premium and Licensing

If for some reason you have lost your license OR haven't received it after your purchase, simply complete this form and we will send you an e-mail with the license key.
Absolutely! There are two ways to do this:
  • Within the software, go to 'Version -> Deactivate Premium' and confirm that you'd like to have your Premium version deactivated from your old computer.
Most likely, the activation process is being blocked by something, such as firewalls. Feel free to contact us and we'll try to help you out!
Of course! Most of our features are free to use! You can download the free version by clicking here!
Yes! YeetDL offers a Premium version which has additional features, pretty good ones by the way! You can read about it here!
Yes! You can use a Premium key in up to 2 devices!
Very Easy! Just contact us by clicking here and state your intentions.
In case you are not satisfied with YeetDL Premium, you can contact us within 30 days of your purchase to receive a refund.
Please note that unless the transaction was subject to a fraudulent purchase, refunds requested more than 30 days after your initial purchase date will not be processed.
For a full list of scenarios in which you may be eligible for a refund, please check Refund Policy.
You can cancel your subscription at any time! In the license email you will find a 'manage subscription' link. Using that link you can cancel the subscription. You can find the email by searching your inbox for “YeetDL Premium Product Key”. You can also send a request to cancel your subscription to our support team.