How to Download YouTube Videos

Last Updated: January 2, 2022

Ever since YouTube was launched in 2005, internet users have thronged the platform for all their video uploading, watching, and sharing needs without sparing a second thought for any other platform. Over the years, the platform has evolved from an entertainment-only to an educative and informative video-sharing medium.

Users frequently come back to their favorite video content for both entertainment and information. But with billions of hours of video on YouTube and a sea of similar content floating around, losing track of one’s favorite videos is no surprise.

As annoying as it may be, it is equally possible to sort it out. The easiest way to access your favorite video content is to download it and keep a copy offline to enjoy it whenever you are in the mood.

That's why we've created YeetDL. So you can watch your favorite content wherever you want, whenever you want, however you want!

Step by Step guide on How to Download YouTube Videos using YeetDL

Step 1: Download and Install YeetDL

The first thing you’d need to download YouTube videos is a YouTube Downloader and Converter, such as YeetDL. You can do that by clicking the button below! Simply follow the instructions in the installer and everything should go smoothly. Our installer does not include any annoying offers!

YeetDL is currently available on Windows
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Step 2: Find YouTube Videos

YeetDL simplifies the entire download experience like no other software does. This isn’t just a downloader but also doubles up as a search engine that searches the videos without you having to access any browser.

Whether you want to directly paste a YouTube URL or to search content using the built-in search is entirely up to you! Either way works!

Step 2: Find YouTube Videos

Step 3: Spot your Videos and Download

Once YeetDL spots your video, just hit the download button and wait for the videos to be downloaded. You can also choose to convert the videos into .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mp3 or .3gp formats.

Step 3: Spot your Videos and Download

Step 4: Enjoy Your Videos!

Bull’s eye! Your video download should now be complete, and all this within just a few steps. Now just sit back and enjoy and get ready for the next downloads!

Step 4: Enjoy Your Videos!

Questions regarding YouTube Downloading

Still, do you have any questions? Here's our FAQ section to help you sail smoother.

Which video resolutions does YouTube offer?

YouTube supports a wide range of video resolutions. You can choose to download your favorite video in any size between 240p to 4320p (8K). YeetDL supports all of them! The various resolutions available are:

  • 240p: 426x240 pixels
  • 360p: 640x360 pixels
  • 480p: 854x480 pixels
  • 720p: 1280x720 pixels (Also known as HD)
  • 1080p: 1920x1080 pixels (Also known as Full HD)
  • 1440p: 2560x1440 pixels (Also known as Quad HD)
  • 2160p: 3840x2160 pixels (Also known as 4K)
  • 4320p: 7680x4320 pixels (Also known as 8K)

Resolutions 720p and higher are High-Definition. Though they offer a stellar audio-video experience, they require more data and a good internet speed. They are therefore best avoided when you are on the go, and have limited connectivity. For all other times, you can use any resolution that suits your need.

What type of YouTube URLs does YeetDL support?

YeetDL is a powerful software that correctly identifies several URL patterns and allows you to download YouTube videos.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. We support many other URL formats, many more than most of our competitors. Try them once and see for yourself! 😀

Which format should I choose? Is MP4 better than WebM?

MP4 and WebM are two of the video file formats in which you can download YouTube videos.


MP4 is the short for MPEG-4 multimedia format. Launched in 2001, the format plays everywhere. Video files in this format are rather small in size when compared to many other file formats. This is a big plus as it makes them portable and web-friendly.

Another feature is compressibility which makes this format versatile and suitable for both storage and streaming. The greatest boon of the file format is its ability to play even under narrow bandwidth condition which means that it plays with ease on mobile devices, on the move.


WebM was developed by Google and launched in 2010, mainly for the web. This is why it is widely used by video-sharing platforms.

WebM scores high on browser compatibility, and even higher when it comes to file size. These features ensure a seamless visual experience online. The format supports good video quality but has limited compatibility which is mainly supported by Google.

The Verdict

When it comes to downloading video from YouTube, you can use either of the formats. However, if you are looking for wider compatibility and a superior viewing experience, MP4 is the winner, hands down.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Before we answer that question, let us clarify what part of the download makes for the illegality and why.

According to the Google Terms of Service for YouTube, commercial use of the YouTube videos is prohibited. This is understandable considering the loss of revenue for Google and YouTubers.

However, downloading videos for your personal use is safe. As long as you are not violating the terms and conditions set by Google, you’ll be just fine.

Can I download videos to my phone using YeetDL?

All content downloaded from YouTube to your local system can be transferred to your mobile devices through a USB cable or any other means supported by the device. iPhone users can transfer the files with or without the use of iTunes, using tools or software tailor made for the purpose.

How can I find my downloaded videos?

Downloaded videos are saved, by default, in the folder specified in 'Settings>Preferences'. You can choose to save the file to a different file location each time you download it, by enabling the 'Prompt for name and location' option. The same option can be found in the Preferences Window too.

How many videos can I download with YeetDL?

Unlimited! You can download as many videos and playlists as you want with YeetDL. The software does not put a cap on the number of videos you want to enjoy.

So start downloading your favorite videos and enjoy!

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YeetDL is currently available on Windows
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