How to Download YouTube Playlists

Last Updated: January 6, 2022

We all agree that YouTube has revolutionized the way audio-visual content is created, shared, uploaded, and consumed. While the platform has multiple useful features, sorting and grouping content of one kind into playlists is, by far, the most useful for consumers.

YouTube offers customized playlists such as 'My Mix', 'Watch Later', and 'Liked videos' playlists to subscribers. Alternatively, one can watch and make playlists private for security reasons. Playlists allow one to watch similar content in one go without having to go through the hassle of looking for it time and again.

However, accessing these playlists on mobile devices becomes difficult when internet connectivity is unreliable. This is when having a copy of the playlist on your computer or hand-held devices gives uninterrupted viewing time.

A YouTube playlist downloader is an extremely useful piece of software to this effect. It enables users to download playlists of their choice and store them in their computers and transfer them from there to other devices.

The YeetDL YouTube Downloader is one such downloader that allows users to download YouTube playlists in one go. To enjoy your favorite playlists offline, just follow these simple steps.

A Step-wise Guide on How to Download YouTube Playlists

Step 1: Download and Install a YouTube Downloader

Download the YeetDL YouTube Downloader using the button below and launch it.

YeetDL is currently available on Windows
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Step 2: Find the YouTube Playlist

From the dropdown menu beside the URL search bar in the software interface, select the playlist option.

The search bar in YeetDL has a dual function. If you have the playlist link, great! You can download it directly. If not, you can simply search for the playlist within YeetDL by typing in relevant keywords, and the downloader will search for playlists on YouTube and make suggestions for you to select from.

Click on the playlist link on YouTube and copy it. The link automatically gets copied into the downloader.

Step 2: Find the YouTube Playlist

Step 3: Select the Format

The software offers you multiple format options you can choose to download the playlist in. You can select between MP4, WebM, AVI, MP3, and several other formats per your convenience.

Step 3: Select the Format

Step 4 (Optional): Choose Videos within Playlist

YeetDL is very user-friendly. If you only want to download some videos that are in the Playlist instead of all of them, YeetDL allows you to choose which videos you want to download.

By default, YeetDL will select all videos so if that's what you want just click 'Download'!

Step 4 (Optional): Choose Videos within Playlist

Step 5: Download Playlist

Hit the download button, and your playlist will come to life offline in a single click.

Step 5: Download Playlist

Step 6: Bingo! Enjoy

Enjoy your playlist whenever you want, wherever you want it. And download as many playlists as you want.

That’s how easy it is to enjoy your favorite YouTube playlists once you have the YeetDL downloader. Nevertheless, if you still have any more questions, just scroll through the next section on FAQs, and we're sure you will have your questions answered.

Questions regading YouTube Playlist Downloading

Is there a limit to how many videos a playlist can contain?

Absolutely not! YeetDL allows you to download YouTube playlists irrespective of their size. From playlists that run into just a few videos to those with an endless queue of visual content, YeetDL downloads them all like a breeze. All you need is an uninterrupted internet connection and your playlists will be downloaded in a matter of a few seconds or minutes, depending upon the size of the playlist.

Can I download Playlists as Audio Files?

Yes. YeetDL offers quite a few file format options. You can download your video files and playlists in audio formats. The available audio formats within the software are MP3, AAC, and OGG, with each of these available in two bitrates, 128 kbps, and 192 kbps.

While 128kbps is the lowest acceptable level of sound quality, the higher version, 196 kbps offers a better balance between sound quality and convenience.

Can I download subtitles along with Videos when downloading a Playlist?

We know how much you love the subtitles running under the movie clips or the lyrics of your favorite song. This is why we designed YeetDL to download and deliver subtitles in all details with every file download.

Long answer short, yes, you can download subtitles with all your content.

Can I download multiple playlists at one time?

Yes. YeetDL allows users to download multiple files/playlists concurrently. Just ensure that you have a stable internet connection with a decent bandwidth to support the downloads if the file sizes are too high.

Is it safe to download YouTube Playlists as MP3?

Before we answer that, let’s understand what makes this conversion unsafe. Apps or websites converting YouTube videos to MP3 have a poor reputation as they are prone to phishing and malware attacks.

This is not the case with YeetDL that has been launched after rigorous testing to provide a smooth download experience sans any virus threats, verified by over 80 different antiviruses. So, when you convert your video files to MP3 on the downloader, all you get is your AV content and nothing else.

YeetDL is a novel YouTube Downloader that allows you to download even large playlists within a few clicks. It is safe, tested, and offers a range of audio and video formats to store your content in. You must give it a try for its ability to download and preserve the subtitles and download multiple files simultaneously. And do let us know if you would like to see any improvements or have any suggestions.

Till then, just download your favorite content and enjoy with YeetDL!

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YeetDL is currently available on Windows
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